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A cash-out refi lets you tap into the equity your home has earned. Use cash for anything you want: make home improvements for you to enjoy while increasing the value of your home. Pay off high-interest credit cards, tuition bills, take a special vacation — whatever you want to do.

With mortgage interest rates still at historic lows, there's no better time than right now to refinance and lower your monthly out-of-pocket payment. Why pay more than you have to? Use our calculator to compare rates and terms, and see how they will affect your monthly bill.

If you currently have an ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) loan, protect yourself from an annual rise in mortgage payment by switching to a fixed rate. Our most popular is the 30-year fixed loan, which guarantees a stable rate and payment for the long term. We have many options to choose from — apply now and we'll customize a better options for your situation.

With today's low rates, it's easier than you think to pay off your mortgage sooner, saving you potentially thousands of dollars on interest payments over the long term. Homeowners with several years left to pay on their 30-year or even 20-year loan may benefit from this option.

Are you carrying high-interest credit card debt? Consolidate your mortgage and all that other debt into one monthly bill at a low interest rate. This simple move could save you thousands in interest. And unlike credit card debt, mortgage interest is often tax-deductible (discuss your situation with a tax professional).

Greenlight Loans offers Government-sponsored HARP Loans that enable homeowners who have lost equity to refinance at today's low rates. The underwriting is lenient, and in most cases no new appraisal or mortgage insurance is required.

By refinancing your existing loan, your total finance charges may be higher over the life of the loan.

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